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Simple Machines Quiz
 Figure 1


1. Figure 1 is an example of:
a) Inclined Plane
b) Pulley
c) Screw
d) Lever

2. Which of the following statement is true for Figure 1.
a) b is the fulcrum, c is the resistance, a is the effort
b) b is the resistance, c is the fulcrum, a is the effort
c)b is the fulcrum, a is the effort, c is the resistance.
d) b is the resistance, a is the fulcrum, c is the effort

3. In figure 1, if the distance from a to b is 20cm, and the distance from a to c is 80 cm, then the mechanical advantage of the system is.
b) 80
d) 1/4

4. Given that the mass at (b) is 1 kilogram. What mass would the block at (c) have to be to lift block (b)? Note: Use the distance values given in question 3.
a) 1000 grams
b) 250 grams
c) 80 grams
d) 400 grams

5. If the mechanical advantage of a simple machine is 4, then the
a) output force is 4 times the effort
b) effort is 4 times the output force
c) efficiency is 4%
d) the work output is 4 times the input

6. A simple machine that is actually a kind on inclined plane is a
a) pulley
b) wedge
c) gear
d) balance

7. A pulley system has 3 sections of ropes that lift the load. The mechanical advantage of the system is
a) 0
b) 1
c) 2

8. The efficiency of a simple machine
a) is always less than 100%
b) is equal to 100%
c) is always 50%
d) is always more than 100%

9. A knife is an example of a (an)

a) Inclined Plane
b) Wedge
c) ramp

10. Decreasing the slant of an inclined plane increases its.
a) effort force
b) Mechanical Advantage
b) Power
d) Work output


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